087 Chapel Day · Scene 5

Chapel Days

Chapel Days · Scene 5 · Modesty

ust off of the Dolmen bay, there was a set of unused barracks and ready rooms for Dolmen pilots. Mostly unused as Finch stormed off for them purposefully. Chain and Drop chased after her but were paid little heed, though Chain’s persistence paid off in a way.

“I said I was sorry! You don’t need to stay so mad.”

“You hit a nun because my Dolmen doesn’t have a name!”

“That’s not true. I hit you because you interrupted me. Though I didn’t mean to do that either.”

“So, you’re a danger to everyone around you now

“Well, we do need help attuning ourselves to the new songs that are a part or us.”

The answer that came from Drop was not one that Chain or Finch wanted to hear and both of them looked at the tiny floating mermaid.

“Dro~p! you make it sound like I can’t figure this out myself!”

“We could, but it would be much easier, faster, and safer with help. Our memories and thoughts are too scattered to be able to do it on our own.”

“That doesn’t seem to be causing you any trouble.”

“But it has been. Things we should know are just out of reach and difficult to grasp. It is frustrating to not be able to control our thoughts without effort and to fight to recall things that we know. And now we are being ignored for a desire for knowledge.”

Pouting and curling her hands into frustrated fists, Drop expressed her own irritation at the trouble of being Chain. As she was Chain though, she could not deny the desire to know where Finch had gotten off to and joined her larger counterpart in observing that they had been left alone in the Dolmen bay. While Chain had stopped to argue with herself, Finch had made a quick exit. They could not blame her exactly as they were not being particularly helpful, but Chain did not want to part on such a sour note and continued in the direction that Finch had been leading them.

Opening door after door within the pilot facilities off of the Dolmen bay, Chain found barracks, showers, ready rooms, briefing rooms, debriefing rooms, and locker rooms. It was impressive how much was crammed into such a tiny space, and if she was not looking for Finch, Chain could have easily gotten lost exploring for hours. As the pilot facilities were not particularly large though, finding Finch did not take long either. Being found was not what Finch was hoping for as she was stark-naked in one of the locker rooms and turned beat red in the face at Chain’s arrival.



Chain tilted her head as Finch gibbered in unintelligible panic while trying to hide herself behind a garment that was much to small to achieve anything resembling cover. Staring at the paralyzed with shock child for what was a moment too long and uncomfortable for Finch, Chain hit her right fist into her left hand as she realized what was going on.

“Oh! That’s right! This is just like when I first came onto the Chapel and you hid in the Dolmen–”

“It’s my Dolmen!”

Defending her ownership of the only Dolmen on the Chapel, Finch finally managed to break out of her shock induced paralysis. Chain didn’t seem to notice, though she corrected herself with a nervous smile.

“Right. Your Dolmen.”

Her nervous smile falling into a blank and curious expression, Chain continued to study Finch, oblivious to the discomfort she was causing the younger girl. Her words only drove home her obliviousness and tears of anger started forming in the corners of Finch’s eyes.

“You were hiding because of not wanting to be seen wearing something you didn’t think you should be seen wearing. But well, you’re not wearing anything right now and we’re both girls, so I don’t see what you’re so upset about. This is a locker room too, and if the baths and showers in the rest of the Chapel are like the ones I found down here looking for you, then you get naked in front of all the other nuns when you bathe. Or maybe what you’re holding is the garment you don’t want to be seen wearing.”

“Oh~! That seems to be it!”

Lighting up with perceived confirmation as Finch turned even redder, Drop added Chain’s voice again to the conversation. Finch by this point though was far too angry, embarrassed, and humiliated to not yell at Chain and Drop.

“A freak like you with no sense of shame would never understand how a nun feels! It doesn’t matter that I’m just a Daughter, I’m still a nun so it means a lot having a garment like this!”

Bolting from the locker room, Finch left Chain and Drop following her with their eyes. As Finch disappeared from view, Chain looked down at her own body and mused about her lack of shame.

“I know I probably shouldn’t say anything since I’m dressed or not dressed like this, but I’m not totally shameless. My chainmail doesn’t quite fit me like it’s my skin. From my hips down it’s more like really well fitted footed tights.”

Chain pointed at her hips with both of her forefingers and struck a pose to highlight her legs. Finch did the same, though it was her fish tail she put on display for her larger self.

“And this part of us has a fish tail, though our chest is exposed if not for our long hair. Though this part of us is perhaps like an independent organ…”

“Yet… Finch just ran out naked didn’t she…?”

Speaking together and relaxing into more natural stances, Chain and Drop looked at the locker room door through which Finch had fled. Looking at each other with a blank look, they shrugged and shared a laugh.

“Oh well. I guess she’s about as modest as we are.”

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