086 Chapel Days · Scene 4

Chapel Days

Chapel Days · Scene 4 · Dolmen
The Chapel ~ Interior ~ Dolmen Bay
Early Autumn ~ Morning, Clear and breezy
A massive mechanized hanger
Empty stalls for giants twenty-five-meters tall
Save one with a giant in bubbly round armor like a collection of pots
The machine called Dolmen
A weapon and coffin in one

f the technologies of the ancients, the Dolmen, so named for its tendency to be the final resting place of its pilot, was the most in use across the face of Icarus. Based on a classical human, or icaran, in construction, it was a weapon that served as piloted soldiers in ancient wars. In modern times they were more the tools of bandits attacking salvagers and roving merchants. They were also used in defense against bandit attacks and for dealing with some of the more titanic monsters that roamed the face of Icarus. The one held in the Chapel’s Dolmen bay was, though having seen battle before, at most a pet project of Finch’s. She loved almost anything technological and when the Chapel had gotten its hands on the Dolmen, it somehow became hers. It was perhaps a waste as if not for the duty of the nuns of the Chapel to seek out and reclaim the light of the Lucifalz that grew across the face of Icarus, it would better serve the Chapel for its components. The most important component being the Dolmen’s core hidden away within its pot belly; an Artificial Gate Generator.

Even more impressive than the Dolmen, the machine that allowed it to run, the Artificial Gate Generator, or AGG, was the epitome of what separated the Ancients from modern mankind. This machine could imitate the ability of most monsters and some humans to draw in Nectar from Ambrosia allowing for artificial magic. The spells and technology that made them work were lost on mankind, but modification of an AGG’s functions were possible by attaching them to machines that could be recognized as performing similar functions. Engineering craftsmen who could manipulate AGGs were the most valuable of all people on the Face of Icarus as they could shape leading edge technology and sustain plants even with AGGs brought from different purposes. Finch, being the prodigy that she was, was one such individual training for such a title. Chain was already such a person, having already been trained herself in the maintenance and operation of AGGs. Though with Chain’s memories and thoughts difficult to keep in order, her skill was less reliable than Finch’s. Both of them could appreciate the machine however and took a moment to look at it as they stepped out across the Dolmen bay.

“You won’t let me pilot it again, will you?”

With a nervous smile, Chain looked down at Finch who frowned at her indirect request.

“The last time I let you pilot it, you totally wrecked it!”

“Ah, but we left it in one piece.”

“We did, didn’t we?”

Popping in with her own input, Drop pointed out that Chain’s attempts at piloting a Dolmen were not completely disastrous. Being reminded, Chain beamed proudly. There was more to it than that though, and as the event was recent enough, it was not difficult for Chain to recall.

“If I remember right, Drop and I got it up and running in the first place too.”

“You two did, and I thank you for that, but you’re way too reckless! The way you fight and how limited Dolmen’s are despite being magical machines just doesn’t go together. If I let you pilot my Dolmen again, I’m sure you actually would wreck it.”

“But is it really yours?”


Leveling Chain with an incredulous look, Finch tried to comprehend where she was coming from. Chain offered her no hints as she clasped her hands behind her back and rocked back and forth on her heels.  Looking out of the corner of her eyes with a bright smile on her face, Chain waited for Finch to figure it out. Feeling like she was put on the spot, Finch started to panic and desperately tried to figure it out.

“Well, I mean yeah, it was bought by the Chapel on a whole and I just kind of claimed it… But I’m the one who fitted the steam motors to the joints to relieve the need for Nectar based locomotion while fitting it with a unique set of armor that makes it not only more stable but able to serve as a larger vessel for Nectar allowing for greater ability than similar size Dolmen! Though I guess I didn’t get it working before you started it up for me… But it recognizes me as the pilot anyway so it’s definitely mine!”

“Hmm~… I wonder… If I had my very own Dolmen–”

“I can’t even imagine a Dolmen that could handle your piloting– Ouch!”

“Don’t interrupt me.”

With a heavy pout on her face, Chain punished Finch by chopping her head with the side of her hand. Though she chided the junior nun, she also wore a look of confusion on her face that was shared by Drop. Looking at her smaller self, she quizzed herself about her reaction.

“Was that normal? I know I get mad at people for talking about my figure and will get violent, but…”

“It is perhaps the servants of the Children of Icarus. We have been joined with their song and they with ours as per our contract when last we were awake. There is little doubt that our personality has been affected as well.”

“Hmm~… Well as long as it isn’t too problematic, I guess it’s okay.”

“And what about my forehead? I can feel the chainmail textured embedded in my skin.”


Looking over at Finch who was rubbing her sore forehead and trying not to cry, Chain scratched at her cheek and laughed nervously.

“Sorry. I guess I don’t have as much control of myself as I do this Dolmen.”

“It’s my Dolmen, not this Dolmen.”

“I don’t see the difference. If it was my Dolmen, I would have given it a name already.”


Finch could not believe her ears. She could not contain her temper either and began fuming.

“This is what this is about! I got hit on the head over something so childish! I may have only seen ten springs so far, but I’m not a child! How could you be so mean

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