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106 Chapel Days · Scene 24

Chapel Days
Chapel Days · Scene 24 · Ceremony a The Chapel ~ Interior ~ Main Chapel
Early Autumn ~ Approaching Noon, Sunny When empty the chapel seemed cavernous
Filled with nearly every nun present it was like a holy plaza
gathered amongst them their few guests all for one purpose
An experiment and prayer intertwined By Cardinal’s Light so too would man and Foreigner “I

t's so crowded!”
Marveling at the turnout for an unprecedented event, Drop displayed the excitement that the scene elicited within Chain. Chain did not desire to express her excitement at the scene however as she knew the gathering of nuns was in relation to the ceremony that would transform Maye and Squawk into Sa·B·ers. She understood the reasoning they both had presented her but still did not like the thought of it and had hidden herself away in a corner prayer alcove on the wall opposite the altar.
“Praying for the success of the ceremony?”
Chain’s hidey-hole proved ineffective as Buck and his finery garbed greasy coho…

105 Chapel Days · Scene 23

Chapel Days
Chapel Days · Scene 23 · Schemes c The Chapel ~ Interior ~ Upper Floors
Early Autumn ~ Early Evening, Distant thunder A tiny cell of an office with a single window
The light of sunset and distant lightening intermingling with a simple gas lamp
One heavy wooden desk and matching chair
Numerous files joining a blue liquid filled vial
Oppression filling the small space, suffocating all who entered “E

Verdant’s voice rose up bidding the person who knocked to enter. Resting his chin on his laced fingers propped up by his elbows upon the desk, the bishop eyed the one who entered carefully. His cold gaze did not give away his curiosity at the sight of Maye entering the office he had been provided with. There was nothing particularly unusual about her, but the bishop had been expecting a nun and Maye’s habit was nowhere to be seen for her white shirt and red denim jacket covered her instead. Though she presented herself inappropriately for her position in the church before the…

104 Chapel Days · Scene 22

Chapel Days
Chapel Days · Scene 22 · Schemes b The Chapel ~ Interior ~ Bowels
Early Autumn ~ Late afternoon The Chapel was impressive both inside and out, top and bottom
A conglomerate of chapels, school, orphanage, nunnery and more atop
Machinery to move the mobile fortress within
Operational facilities, the Dolmen bay, and pilot ready rooms intermingled
A laboratory hidden within with distractions abound “Q

Leaving behind the Scholars of Vaerseal and led down a hall nearly lost to the pipes of the bowels, Verdant expressed his contempt of the hidden laboratory he followed Mother Osprey to. Mother Osprey offered the bishop a smile and beseeched he understand the circumstances.
“Sizable as the Chapel is Your Excellency, that we managed to find a space that could serve as a laboratory was most fortuitous. Small as it is though, it has served us well. I hope at the very least that the knowledge we have accumulated here will serve you well as well.”
“It depends on what you have Head Mo…

103 Chapel Days · Scene 21

Chapel Days
Chapel Days · Scene 21 · Schemes a The Chapel ~ Interior ~ Bowels
Early Autumn ~ Late afternoon The quiet of the Chapel brought anxiety to the nuns
Stopped away from a settlement usually accompanied a Lucifalz
The guests brought by Mother Osprey a mystery to most
Within the shopping center of the bowels one mystery came to light
A patient plan meant to bring freedom W

ithin the shopping center of the Chapel, a circular plaza within the bowels linking the mid floors to the entrance, what would have been an outdoor restaurant filled the main space. It was a common place for traders from settlements to entertain themselves while trading with the nuns, and the perfect place for a former merchant to share his secrets.
“This seems as fine a place as any to talk, Chainmaid is it now?”
The rotund icaran man took a seat and smiled at Chain as he threw his feet onto a table. Placing his round hat onto his waistcoat covered stomach, he fiddled with his short moustache seeming to ignore Chai…

102 Chapel Days · Scene 20

Chapel Days
Chapel Days · Scene 20 · Guests c I

t was just a speck, a pinprick almost imperceptible to most, but it was there and everyone who watched Chain stared on in amazement. Within the double swirling Ambrosial Gates of now stabilized Darkness, the Light appeared and shimmered like hope itself. Chain’s smile grew relieved even as she strained to keep her breathing steady as she controlled the dual Gates.
“See? There it is…”
“Yes, indeed it is. Light.”
Verdant spoke the word not in disgust, but genuine awe. The Light that Chain summoned from within that Darkness was unlike anything he had ever before set eyes upon and it mesmerized him. As a man of science as much as faith however, that Chain was singlehandedly sustaining an Ambrosial Gate within an Ambrosial Gate, outside of her body no less only amazed him more. He would not have time to speak on the phenomenon though as an icaran man with dusty skin and long black hair tied in a ponytail commented on the Light.
“Cardinal’s Light. I…

101 Chapel Days · Scene 19

Chapel Days
Chapel Days · Scene 19 · Guests b “I

do hope you’ll share with me the reason you have so many heretics aboard a vessel of the Cardinal Church, Mother Osprey.”
Verdant may have been smiling, but the bishop was anything but understanding in tone. Mother Osprey was far more patient than the bishop however and smiled earnestly.
“I am a busy woman Lord Bishop, and an educator besides. Recent events have left me needing to take many actions that would be frowned upon by our superiors. Of course, your reputation was a comfort in light of the errands I must accomplish.”
“So, you aim to use me then. I am intrigued by what game you have pulled me into Mother Osprey.”
“Nothing so sinister Lord Bishop. I doubt I could match the man who is said to have even stumped Choir with his games though.”
“You give me too much credit Mother Osprey. I am but a servant of Her Eminence, Lady Cardinal, doing his part to keep safe the world we call home.”
“What about the people in it?”
“This isn’t really a go…

100 Chapel Days · Scene 18

Chapel Days
Chapel Days · Scene 18 · Guests a T

he ceremony in which a prospective Sa·B·er was blessed with Cardinal’s Light was typically performed by a pair of priests or priestesses and the nuns of the Chapel could not perform the Cleansing Ceremony. To that end, Maye and Squawk had to bide their time as Mother Osprey sent for a priest to rendezvous with the Chapel. The request was unusual on many grounds and completely turned tradition on its head. Typically, the Cleansing Ceremony was performed on those prospects who had been infected and managed to retain their humanity having traveled from one settlement to another as a means of proving they deserved saving. As the Chapel was not a settlement and neither Maye nor Squawk had been infected by a Foreigner beast capable of inflicting the transformative effects onto them, there was no precedent for the request. As for infecting Maye and Squawk, that problem was much more simply solved.
The cause for Chain’s five-day slumber was due to …