047 Those Who Watch the Sky - 47

47 – Children thrust Into the Sky 5
“So many distractions ~♪ So many curiosities ~♪ If only we had time to satisfy all of our desires ~♪”
The once finger length mermaid version of Link had grown to nearly double her prior size and was fully distracted by her thoughts. Her size was not her only change as though she still appeared naked for all extents and purposes, she had physically changed to continue visually matching Link.
Link had not changed that much. She was still short and very thin with long shapely limbs with a pronounced bust and hips. Where she had really changed was in her face which barely looked old enough to match her body as she stared out at the world with massive, shimmering, sea gem green eyes from under the wild bangs of her long brown hair. Most notably however was that the darkness that had been replacing her skin was not visible for the chainmail she wore. From her jawline down she was completely covered in a suit of chainmail that fit her as though it were her ow…

046 Those Who Watch the Sky - 46

46 – Children thrust Into the Sky 4
The three-day from when the mission to bring down Hazel Sycamore was announced to the actual mission start date seemed to fly by for Elliot. He was perhaps the only one who felt that way however as Melody found herself biding her time impatiently waiting for the mission she was to undertake while the bishop yearned to capture Hazel as well as be able to begin new tests on Link based on Balgun’s notes. He was also eager to test the limits of Elliot’s blessings from Cardinal but still had to treat the operation as the military procedure that it was. Joining the general of Foothold’s militia, he strode into the Dolmen hanger and took in the organized chaos that preceded so momentous an operation.
 “General, I trust that that the operation is proceeding as planned.”
“You’ve nothing the worry about Lord Bishop.”
The chimeric man who responded could simply be referred to as a lizardman as his green reptilian features far outweighed any human traits he had bey…

045 Those Who Watch the Sky - 45

45 – Children thrust Into the Sky 3
The cathedral in Foothold had exploded with activity as the Eyes of Icarus neared full shut. From all over the influence sphere of Foothold the church militia was recalled to the city and the Dolmens were prepared for deployment. Elliot was overwhelmed by it all and could barely keep up finding himself grateful for the moment of peace he was afforded as he joined countless church militiamen in the inner courtyards of the grounds of the cathedral complex. It was not a pleasant day as the sky was gray with thick lazy clouds whose contents drizzled down upon Elliot and the militiamen he shared the courtyard with. Even despite the weather Elliot was still able to relax as he awaited the arrival of the bishop. Stepping up beside him and offering him a friendly for him smile was Feast.
“So, looks like you’re going to finally be seeing some action. Are you excited yet?”
“I’m nervous more than anything.”
“You’re telling me.”
Elliot could do nothing to stop t…

044 Those Who Watch the Sky - 44

44 – Children thrust Into the Sky 2
“Well, what a way to say goodbye. I should have never let myself get attached to Mouse, but I guess it is what it is.”
The thunderous roar of fireworks overhead and the crowds rushing in from beyond the alleyway drowned out Boulder’s spoken musings. To the average person they would have also drowned out the sounds of the icaran footsteps behind Boulder. Boulder was an experienced and skilled Sa·B·er however and was far from unaware of his stalkers. Coming to a stop he let out his own heavy sigh of the night.
“Ye two don’t need to hide from me. We’re work partners after all.”
“Are we now. I wonder what you think brother.”
Stepping out of the shadows behind Boulder the red-haired mouser brother spoke both contemptuously and mockingly. As his silver-haired brother stepped out of the shadow opposite him he provided an equally malicious toned reply.
“No Lute. No, I don’t believe we are.”
“Then ye two saw that little exchange. Well saves me the trouble of having…