Link "Chain" Sycamore

Age: 15

A bright and cheerful girl who is perhaps too confident in her own abilities. She dreams of seeing the world and becoming a world renowned adventurer.

The daughter of a jack of all trades craftsman and a former sword dancing circus acrobat she has a number skills at her disposal that she refines in her spare time to serve her as an adventurer.

Elliot Cross

Age: 15

Links oldest friend and the more rational of the two. A young man who cherishes the experiences he has with Link as they distract him from the wrongs of the world.

He has a strong sense of justice that comes out when he is angry but is otherwise generally reserved and modest. Most of his skills come from helping Link with her own training though he is more technologically competent than Link.


Age: 14(?)

A peculiar girl that Link and Elliot found one day that they could not be sure if she was a monster or a member of a chimeric race like centaurs. As a result they've hidden her for years and are her only friends.

She has a simple outlook on life and mostly just enjoys having fun and eating meat. She herself is also unaware of the nature of her own existence but takes advantage of her instincts to be a powerful warrior that contradicts her cute exterior.

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