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035 Those Who Watch the Sky - 35

35 – Children Seeking Their Own Sky 2 Where Elliot’s cleansing ceremony had become something the likes of which none in Foothold could comprehend, Link’s was anything but spectacular. Lacking Elliot’s flair for ceremony and the faith he had developed in Cardinal, Link simply sat on her knees and was bored by the whole ceremony. When called to look up upon the Light of Cardinal, Link felt nothing of any kind from the golden light that appeared above her. Disappointment however was a feeling that soon spread throughout the entire chapel as the light fell from between the scepter heads of the priests and vanished long before it reached Link. “That wasn’t good, was it?” Link blinked blankly as she looked at the empty space between the scepters and let out a nervous little laugh to try to break the tension. Her efforts were in vain as the priests simply shook their heads and one of them placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. “I’m sorry child, but it would seem that her

034 Those Who Watch the Sky - 34

 34 – Children Seeking Their Own Sky 1 “Sir! We’ve identified the service lift for the dam’s supply tunnel.” “And here I was wondering if anything would justify me being out here instead of staying involved with those kids. Now that we know that they were telling the truth about finding a dam out here.” “Sir?” The soldier garbed from head to toe in form fitting armor of a cream color peered out at Bird questionably from behind his helmet’s slotted visor. Bird looked back at him quizzically. “Something the matter soldier?” “Well, sir, it’s just that we’ve known about this dam for some time. We use it as a training destination once in a while so hearing that those kids came through here shouldn’t be surprising.” “Yeesh. You really are just muscle on a job like this aren’t you? Well not your fault, you’re a soldier, not a member of Choir. Fortunately for you I’m with Choir and I get to explain to you why I’m out here. Let’s start with you leading me to the e

033 Those Who Watch the Sky - 33

  33 – Children Changing with the Sky 8 The density of the city became all the more apparent the closer to it that Link, Elliot, and Melody drew. Of more immediate importance though was the lesser wall that separated the peasant quarters from the denser interior. It was not a solid wall as the stone structure that stood several meters even above the twenty-five-meter-tall Dolmen that Elliot piloted had an entry tunnel that was large enough for several Dolmen. The corridor was bookended by portcullises and was clogged with the late morning traffic of farm wagons and primitive steam trucks. The entire scene was watched over from the parapets of the wall and two fortified towers on either side of the portcullises. Also standing watch were two silver colored Dolmens of the same potbellied and armor built to the skeleton design as the one Elliot piloted. Unlike Elliot’s rather scruffy Dolmen with its shattered head though these were also marked by the tri-cross of the Cardinal church

032 Those Who Watch the Sky - 32

32 – Children Changing with the Sky 7 Gathering bandages for Elliot ended up falling to Melody as Link ended up investigating the damage to the Dolmen’s knee. The harpy was not particularly fond of trying to put together bandages as she was exhausted, hungry, and not particularly built to sift around within the mech’s cockpit. What she did find though was nothing near enough to tend to Elliot and that meant that she would have to deal with the ruffians’ corpses. This prospect amused her even less but as Elliot emerged from the woods carrying a dear over his shoulders along with Link’s sheathed sword, his own sword returned to its scabbard on his left hip, she lit up joyously. “Link! Link! Elliot is back and he has a dear! He has a whole dear!” “Really ⁈ ” Coming out from behind the Dolmen, Link followed Melody with her eyes as the harpy ran up to meet Elliot. “Wow. He really does, but…” Link frowned softly and strolled from the Dolmen to where Elliot was stopp