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012 Those Who Watch the Sky - 12

12 – Children Left Under the Sky 3 The next few days were uncomfortably quiet as the group continued to trek through the wilderness following the ever distant Foreigner city that had destroyed their home. Link on the other hand had next to no energy to speak of and eventually was seated upon Cliff’s back as she seemed to have no desire to press on, the weight of guilt crushing her completely. Her despondent state was even enough to keep Squawk from complaining about one thing or another. The silence though benefitted Cliff at least as he had no desire to speak further on the matter at hand though the concern shown by Clover ate at his conscious ever so lightly. Elliot was not one to accept Link’s misery unending however and when their journey found them at a small pool at the foot of a waterfall by the end of yet another day in the wilds he finally confronted her. Stepping away from the main group after they had settled down to sleep Elliot pushed his way through the lush gro

011 Those Who Watch the Sky - 11

  11 – Children Left Under the Sky 2 Perhaps Cliff wanted to focus on the journey at hand or did not believe the tale of his and Clover’s escape bore much reason to be told as he remained silent as he led the now group of six across the crags born of the Foreigner city’s unusual descent. Melody having perched upon the saddle Cliff had donned upon his equine half drew forth jealousy and discontent out of Link and Squawk though Link tried to tough it out as Elliot uttered not one complaint about staying awake. In fact, staying awake seemed inconsequential as rest was plentiful to be had upon the journey they set out upon. Though some five hundred years past the devastation left by the Foreigners and the insistence of the Cardinal Church that mankind not forge nations assured that it would be days long past before the group would again find civilization. In this time Clover demonstrated the ability to summon water through magic allowing the group to not fear thirst as well as cl

010 Those Who Watch the Sky - 10

  10 – Children Left Under the Sky 1 ~ My earliest memories seem so simple. My instincts and empty stomach were my only friends. Then the concept of “human” entered my life. Two children like me but so different. They taught me so much but even they could not describe “human” to me. They were called “icaran” but were still “human”. Then there were “icaran” who were not “human”. Then there were so many more who were or were not, even when they should have been the same. The name given to those who were not though was always the same; Sa·B·er ~ “Put me down! Put me down you idiot beast!” Squawk’s demands of Melody to release him had become the norm that morning and she was glad that Link had taken her scabbard back lest she had been struck by it on more occasions than she cared to count. Agitated as Squawk was however being pulled aloft by Melody had been born of necessity as he could not scamper over the jagged earth like Link and Elliot could. Even they needed he