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Hiatus Update

Morning everyone this October 23rd. I never posted about the hiatus on the main sight itself, but now I'm here bringing about an update to its current status. Unfortunately it's not looking good. I'e just a had a major schedule change at work and that is pretty much going to kill any time I have for writing on any type of regular basis. This means my undetermined hiatus to recharge has now become an indefinite hiatus. Suddenly reaching 250 posts seems so far away and I absolutely have to apologize everyone. Hopeful indefinite won't turn into forever though and I'll pick things back up again. Until then, thank you for all of your support everyone and stay well. Joshua D Tarwater

115 A Journey's Beginning · 5

  A Journey’s Beginning · 5   “W hy is it I have a bad feeling about this?” It would be sometime until Varen Elcourt, an icaran man of some twenty something springs would have a chance to introduce himself, but as bad as his situation was, it felt fairly routine to him. It was perhaps because his near two-meter height and lanky build naturally made him a lightning rod for trouble. Maybe it was his olive hued skin and steel blue eyes that drew him unwanted attention, or the tendency of his hip long braided black hair to snag on trouble behind him. In reality, it was more often than not the gauntlet that encased his left arm with a surface covered in large, geometric, red runes resembling a circuit board. At least the runes were normally red, but as he dangled over the abyss the runes were dead and his arm hung lifelessly at his side. Somehow, the straight sword he held in it managed to stay in his lifeless hand even as it made it even more impossible tha

114 A Journey's Beginning · 4

  A Journey’s Beginning · 4 Pit Gaol ~ Interior The frailty of the ruin was but an illusion If not for magic and an impossibly loud shout it was sturdy as the earth Within its walls that was difficult to tell for trap after trap    Every trap evaded led to another Boulders, arrow traps, pitfalls, and a plethora of more mechanical deterents “T HIS BETTER BE WORTH IT YOU IDIOT‼” “Please don’t yell Master! We never know if your voice will bring this whole place down on us!” “Come on you two! This is so much fun!” Where Squawk and Maye were scrambling for their lives, Chain was laughing every step of the way. She even had her notebook out and was sketching down every symbol she saw on the walls of the ruin. It was not that she took the danger presented by the traps as unimportant, even for Sa·B·ers who the traps were too ancient to have been designed for, the traps presented plenty of life-threatening danger. On more occasions than she could

113 A Journey's Beginning · 3

T he first Lucifalz to appear was one that spanned over the sky and distorted the world in incomprehensible ways before it vanished as mysteriously as it appeared. Everyone alive on the Face of Icarus could recall the day it first appeared, but for some it was merely yesterday, while others it was a tale from their childhoods long past. Some who walked the Face of Icarus discovered that old friends had seen many springs more than they had leading to a confusion of the actual age. Making matters more convoluted, every community knew well the Cardinal Church and blamed them and the Saint Cardinal, who unified the Sister Goddesses and Father Icarus, for the appearance of the reality distorting trees of Light. As Light was a necessity of the world however, more and more people who turned their backs on the Cardinal Church sought Light not from Cardinal, but from Vaerseal, the Spirit Lord of the Sun. Spirits themselves however were taboo knowledge before the appear

112 A Journey's Beginning · 2

A Journey’s Beginning · 2 T he shout of the nāti youth was powerful enough to stun the entire town into silence and absolutely no one moved. That was until the sheriff piloted his Dolmen into a better position to look down at the Chainmaid from across the tracks. With a bit of hesitation, he used the external speakers of the mech to address her. - E-e-excuse me, you in the chainmail. If you are in fact who the bounty hunters here suspect, could I ask you to move away from the buildings and towards the center of Main Street? - “Why?” Looking past the nāti and centaur, the Chainmaid inquired curiously of the sheriff as she popped another piece of bread into her mouth. The sheriff seemed unsure of how to answer that question at first but managed to put together a response eventually. - To put it simply, while out here on the edge of the Arm we may not support the Cardinal Church, we also don’t stand against them. Thus, we respect the desire of tho