102 Chapel Days · Scene 20

Chapel Days

Chapel Days · Scene 20 · Guests c

t was just a speck, a pinprick almost imperceptible to most, but it was there and everyone who watched Chain stared on in amazement. Within the double swirling Ambrosial Gates of now stabilized Darkness, the Light appeared and shimmered like hope itself. Chain’s smile grew relieved even as she strained to keep her breathing steady as she controlled the dual Gates.

“See? There it is…”

“Yes, indeed it is. Light.”

Verdant spoke the word not in disgust, but genuine awe. The Light that Chain summoned from within that Darkness was unlike anything he had ever before set eyes upon and it mesmerized him. As a man of science as much as faith however, that Chain was singlehandedly sustaining an Ambrosial Gate within an Ambrosial Gate, outside of her body no less only amazed him more. He would not have time to speak on the phenomenon though as an icaran man with dusty skin and long black hair tied in a ponytail commented on the Light.

“Cardinal’s Light. It is most different from Lord Vaerseal’s, but it’s divinity is unquestionable.”

A click of Verdant’s tongue made Chain curious and she let the Ambrosial Gates dissipate so that she might satiate her curiosity safely. Rubbing her shoulders as she turned her head, Chain studied the icaran man who was for the most part rather plain. He was shorter than Verdant but still a tall man himself, lean and dressed in a light brown cloak over matching collared shirt and loose black pants. Dark brown boots and gloves adorned the farthest ends of his limbs and a red gem topped staff of a shepherd’s hook design rested in his hands. He would not stand out much anywhere if not for the staff, but as he watched Chain with his magically sealed shut eyes she shuddered under that gaze. A gentle smile parted his lips and the man offered her a word of ease.

“You have no need to fear Child of Her Light. Though the Scholars of Lord Vaerseal worship the Lord of the Light of Day, we recognize Lady Cardinal’s divinity. The efforts of a human maid who could unify the gods is not to be trivialized.”


Chain could barely manage even her weak moan of confirmation. The man she spoke to seemed completely alien to her and she could not put her finger on why. The opportunity to try however was short lived as the rotund man in the important seeming finery removed his hat, revealing his messy short red hair, and also approached Chain.

“Well, if formal introductions have already passed us by, then I think you’ll find your time spent with me will favor you most, … Link wasn’t it?”


“You know us

Though Chain and Drop’s exclamations were expressed in sync, Drop was the one who managed to get the question out first as she looked at the rotund man. Offering her a smile, the rotund man explained himself.

“I don’t believe I’ve met so tiny a version of the lass, but you were a lot smaller when last I saw you regardless. Even with as many years as it has been since I last visited Cross, I wouldn’t forget those sea gem green eyes of yours, and how much you pestered everyone in my caravan about our adventures between settlements. Ha!”



Speaking her name firmly, Chain confused the rotund man. Furrowing her brow, Chain properly introduced herself.

“I’m a Sa·B·er, and I go by Chain. It’s short for the Chainmaid or the Chainmail Maiden.”

“Of course, because of the Chainmail. I must say I’ve never seen so interesting a suit before…”

“It’s all that’s left of Cross–”

“And what binds you to Sycamore.”

Interrupted by Verdant, Chain turned a scowl onto the bishop. He smirked in response, an expression born of his attempt to keep himself from laughing and Chain pouted as she grew irritated. Verdant would not remain the sole source of her irritation however as the second mention of her relationship with Sycamore could no longer be ignored. Curious expressions adorned the faces of the guests of the Chapel and Chain found herself wanting to leave in a hurry. Verdant however spoke in a challenging manner to keep Chain from departing the arrival she interrupted.

“Whatever is the matter Sycamore cursed girl. Does it shame you to admit that you were infected by a Foreigner parasite due to the actions of Hazel Sycamore.”

“Then the Sower’s of Chaos are practicing their madness still. Was the fall of Lucir not enough for them?”

“It is troublesome…”

The rotund man rubbed his chin thoughtfully as he added his voice to the growing whispers bemoaning the name Sycamore and the fall of the Kingdom of Lucir. Something about the way that the rotund man spoke and carried himself however told Chain that even though she could not always put her memories together when she needed to, that he knew her better than she thought. Her fractured memories would serve her well this time however and Chain acted on them with confidence, not missing the opportunity to remind everyone present of the maliciousness of the bishop.

“Sorry, I can’t say what really happened as my memories have been hard to get a good grasp on since you had me tortured. Then those funny trees only made things worse.”

The innocent smile Chain wore as she spoke pleasantly irritated Verdant, but there was nothing the bishop could do under the circumstances. Trauma was an easily remembered thing, even for Chain, and if he tried to act now he would only complicate matters for himself. Fortunately for him, Chain had no intention of staying any longer and turned her attention to the rotund man from the first group.

“You seem to know me better than I know me right now so let’s go somewhere else to talk.”

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