100 Posts Today!!!

Morning everyone this fine Friday, September 20th 2019.

So we've done it! 100 updates (though there might be a little bit of cheating getting there considering Chapel Days has only been 1000 word updates instead of 2000)!

I don't have a lot to say beyond thank you very much for the support. I never would have gotten here without my readers and I just have to say thank you again and again. If I had more time I would have put together a cool celebration pic, but I hope the sloppy doodle above will suffice. I'll have it up soon on the Art Page to enjoy it without my babble, but again thank you. 

Now that we've made it to 100 updates, lets do as the sketch above says and strive for 250. I know with everyone's support I can make it so I look forward to your continued support and hope that we can all enjoy the ongoing Sa·B·ers stories together!

Thank you everyone and stay well (^_^)
Joshua D Tarwater


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