097 Chapel Days · Scene 15

Chapel Days

Chapel Days · Scene 15 · Intentions a
The Chapel ~ Interior ~ Upper Floors
Early Autumn ~ Morning, Light rain
Brought on by morning rain, prayers to the goddess Ocia
Various tiny chapels as frequented as the main
The nuns’ normal morning put on hold for the blessing
A routine disturbed falling in line with a goal
That it was Ocia’s blessing was akin to a sign

aye would have loved nothing more than to join her fellow nuns in the continuing morning activities in response to the rain, but her goals denied her that privilege. As rain was quite rare despite the frequency of thunder clouds in the domain of the goddess Celestia, she could only hope she could pry away some of the more combat oriented of the nuns to assist her with an idea she had. First, she had to present herself in a manner befitting the urgency she wished to get across and made for her monastic cell to rid herself of her habit that blended into a matching horse blanket that adorned her lower half. Collecting her rifle before she departed garbed in her white shirt and red denim jacket combination, it was not lost on any of the nuns that her mind was elsewhere. Fortunately for her, what she desired to know was a simple lesson and she soon learned of a spell with a prayer incantation.

“~ Through Lady Cardinal’s union I beseech thee Father Icarus
Let your flesh and your anger become as weapon waiting
Let my will give it purpose and form
Ambrosial Bullet! ~”

“Yes, this is perfect.”

A single bullet appeared within the grip of Maye’s fingertips as she completed the prayer. She marveled at the sight of what had come to be through the Nectar that passed through her Ambrosial Gate and body. The nun who assisted her though offered a word of warning about the magically created bullet.

“It may seem like a normal bullet Sister Maye, but it is an object of Nectar. And the spell used to summon it, it is akin to holding Nectar in stasis. The form of a bullet is simply the form you have given that stasis.”

“That is because I am familiar with bullets as the means I use to stabilize the spell, correct.”

“It is Sister Maye. It should not surprise me that a teacher makes for a fine scholar I suppose.”

“No, you are not wrong to be impressed. There is much I must learn if I am ever to be worthy of calling myself a teacher again. But at least with this I have a means with which I can face monsters that I am comfortable with. And if I can hold off on creating them until I absolutely need them…”

“It would serve you well. But you should perhaps practice sustaining a full chamber as well as summoning them as you need them just to be prepared. It is also good practice for managing Nectar that you have expelled from your body. I understand that the Chainmaid and the most powerful of wizards can cast their magic by manipulating Nectar expelled from their bodies eliminating the limitation of the vessel that is our bodies.”

“Having seen the Chainmaid cast magic I can at least vouch for her ability, though she seems to favor a sword even in this time of war.”

“Can you fault her Sister Maye? Guns are typically useless against monster of any fair size as bullets are too small to hold enough Nectar to be of use.”

“True, but with these bullets…”

Trailing off, Maye looked hopefully at the bullet she had summoned into being. As solid as it was, she knew it was comprised entirely of Nectar and would dissipate as soon as it had served its purpose. That it was nectar sustained by her will though made it further interesting to her. As a bullet, her mind accepted that it would not change form until it was fired from her rifle making sustaining the stasis state of the spell easy. However, as it was simply an attack spell held inactive, Maye could also feel it tugging on the core of her being as the energies that gave it form desired to return to their natural form. As her fellow nun had stated, she would need a great deal of practice to handle the magic bullet she held, especially in any great number. Having already dismissed herself from morning prayers, Maye intended to begin immediately.

The Chapel ~ Interior ~ Bowls
Early Autumn ~ Morning, Light rain

Rain was a rare thing on the Athecian continent under natural circumstances and normally required the prayers of the faithful for the Goddesses Ocia and Celestia to bring forth the sustainer of life. So rare was rain that it was seldom accounted for in construction undertakings and the Chapel was no exception. The bowels of the mobile fortress were not as dry as they should be as rainwater seeped into the titanic vehicle dripping from the pipes and ceiling. The plant life that had found root thanks to Squawk was grateful for the water and seemed more vivid than ever. Maye had no care for the positive effects of the rain however and was concerned that the firing range set up for her would be comprised putting the paper targets it used to waste. It was not water that awaited Maye though as she arrived at the otherwise unusable hall that had become the firing range.

“Heretic? What are you doing here?

Before the stalls of the firing range, Chain stood in a wide stance with her hands on her hips and a strongly disapproving pout on her face. She also looked like she could barely stand, and her eyes were heavy and red with sleeplessness. Naturally, a complaint fell from her lips in response to Maye’s arrival.

“Hrm~! Why did it take you so long to get here

“I’m afraid I don’t understand why you’re asking heretic. Looking at you though… Don’t tell me that you were waiting for me here all night?”

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