094 Chapel Days · Scene 12

Chapel Days

Chapel Days · Scene 12 · Tea b


Figuring out was going on with the Mouser Brothers was a far more difficult task than it should have been for Chain. To make matters worse, through some series of events that she could not wrap her head around, she somehow ended up seated with them for tea. Holding her teacup anxiously in both hands she watched the Mouser Brothers as they exchanged words, her eyes darting from one to the other as they spoke.

“I must say though Chainmaid, I’m really surprised that you didn’t surmise we would still be here. You are still our target and we are also Sa·B·ers recognized by the Cardinal Church. It’s part of why we chose this café for our tea. Had you abandoned ship we would have had a clear view of you no matter where you went.”

There was more than enough truth to Lute’s words as the café was on the backside of the Chapel and the scenery it passed over could be seen flowing out behind easily. That the Chapel easily traveled at a speed that would outpace most humans, despite taking days at a time to get anywhere, assured that anyone leaving the mobile fortress would be completely exposed upon the scarred Face of Icarus. As she acknowledged the truth of Lute’s words, Chain took a sip of her tea to hide her awkwardly nervous smile. Fortunately for her, she did not need to speak up for herself as Pan was more than glad to correct his brother and Chain’s eyes darted towards him as he spoke.

“You forget Lute, we’ve heard more than enough of the nuns here mention that the Chainmaid’s mind is fractured to ignore that detail.”

“Perhaps brother, but she seemed to be just fine when I fought beside her recently, and the nuns here speak of it as though she was like that before we ended up lending each other a hand.”

“And you are not considering the situation around her when we were to make sure she was not removed from our client’s domain.”

“Are you implying that our client broke her mind brother? That would be slandering a client.”

“It would be, but she had already failed to receive the Saint’s Light and then there was the appearance of the Lucifalz.”

“So, the Lucifalz then both broke her already Foreigner weakened mind and allowed the Saint’s Light to root in her.”

“It makes sense, does it not?”

“It ignores that we were being cut open while alive because the people there wanted to know what the Beast was.”

Cutting into the Mouser Brother’s back and forth, Drop crossed her arms and pouted at the two men from where she sat on a doily. Chain wanting to also lash out at the Mouser Brothers for discarding her experiences with the Cardinal Church yet also wanting to hide behind her teacup for fear of things turning sour did exactly that. Left to confront the Mouser Brothers alone, Drop pouted deeper as Lute challenged her word.

“You’ll have to forgive me little one, but there was no mention of any spirts present until after her escape attempt began.”

“That is because this part of us stayed hidden within like the Beast. We did not reveal ourselves until after the Beast became the part of us that was on the outside. Even then, we are very familiar with the pain we felt. It was horrible and unwanted. Is that the way of holy people to hurt those who ask for help?”

“It is not supposed to be child. I do believe we spoke of this when first we met.”


Looking up in surprise, Drop was joined by the others at the table in acknowledging the arrival of a venerable nun garbed all in white known as Mother Osprey. She was the head mother of the convent that made the Chapel it’s home and gave the mobile fortress life. She spoke with a voice that was full of wisdom and the power to calm and bring peace to all who heard it. Her arrival was unexpected, but the Mouser Brothers were no boors and both rose to offer her a seat. She held out a hand to decline even as she smiled and offered them a nod of her head. Lowering her hand, she folded her hands in front of her as she continued to speak with Drop.

“But your concerns are not without import. If you desire, we might speak at a later time of your experiences with those who wear the tri-cross of the Cardinal Church.”

As Mother Osprey brought mention to the holy symbol of the Cardinal Church, Chain’s eyes peered over her cup at the one made of precious metal that hung from a chain around the old nun’s neck. The three crosses arranged in a Y-shape brought to the fore images Chain would be glad to forget but were offset by more pleasant childhood memories as Mother Osprey spoke. Unsure of how to feel or what to say, Chain did not speak for herself and allowed Drop to continue.

“That we would very much like. …though we nearly forgot that this part of us desired to speak with you without our larger self.”

“Eh~ Why’s that Drop? Why would you want to keep secrets from me? We’re the same person, aren’t we?”

Unprepared for Drop to request a solo meeting with Mother Osprey, Chain nearly whined out her string of questions as she lowered her teacup. Drop looked up at her larger reflection and tried to explain as best she could.

“It’s that it would be better if only this part of us spoke about what must be spoken. We are too unstable like our situation to act on it all at once. Do not worry though, the secret must be kept from certain parts of our self for only a little while. It will not be a long wait hopefully.”

“There are many factors that could decide that child. One of which is why I am here.”

Turning from Drop and Chain, Mother Osprey shifted her attention to the Mouser Brothers with a gentle smile.

“Forgive me for interrupting your tea, but there is a matter I would like to speak to Sa·b·ers of your reputation and caliber about.”

“It is no trouble at all Mother. If you so desire, we would be glad to have you join us.”

Smiling at Lute’s invitation, the twinkle in Mother Osprey’s eyes spoke of how she would love nothing better. Pan was not so unobservant though as to not notice the air about the old nun and pushed in his chair at the table.

“Unfortunately, Lute, this would appear to be a matter that requires a different locale to discuss.”

“I see. Excuse me Mother for my presumptuousness.”

“It is quite alright Master Sa·B·er. If it is not too much trouble, I would be grateful if you would follow me. And child, if you do not mind, should you join us I can have one of the sisters lead you to my private chambers where we might speak in earnest later.”

Drop’s eyes lit up at the invitation and she swam up into the air to follow after Mother Osprey and the Mouser Brothers. With a blank look on her face Chain stared at the empty café around her and blinked several times. Looking down at her confused expression reflected in her tea she tilted her head before once again lifting it. As before, she was still alone, and a lonely breeze played with her hair mockingly.


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