084 Chapel Days · Scene 2

Chapel Days

Chapel Days · Scene 2 · Bed b
The Chapel ~ Interior ~ Bed and guest quarters
Early Autumn ~ Morning, Clear and breezy

f not for her hips and fine bosom, both on full display due to only wearing her chainmail, Chain due to her slender, long limbs and slight frame might have been mistaken for an underdeveloped child. Again, if not for her chainmail putting her figure on display, as well as the sheathed sword she held slung over her right shoulder, she might have been mistaken for a tall friend of Finch. She was taller than Finch though and thus not short, but she was most definitely not tall either. The way she walked slumped over in dismay though did nothing to represent her actually height and required her sword and chainmail to visually separate her from being a child.

“I’m still so upset.”

“This one of us is as well. The softness and ease with which sleep came… A mattress is terrifyingly powerful.”

“You two really need to get over the bed. It’s not like it’s going anywhere.”

Having managed to finally get Chain and Drop out of bed, Finch joined them as they walked the halls and stairwells of the pipe filled interior of the Chapel. It was not necessarily the most successful of attempts to relieve them of the stress afflicted them due to the bed though as there was more than just being awake eating at them. Turning tearful eyes onto Finch, Chain expressed that earnestly.

“But it just might! Didn’t you see how tattered those sheets were I know nunneries don’t make a lot of money, and since this one moves it must have even less than most. There’s no way I’ll be allowed to sleep in a bed again after leaving it like that! This is what I get for waking up the Beast!”

As she spoke, chain was assailed by her own memories providing her image after image of the shredded sheets and even mattress. The damage made it seem like the bed had fallen victim to a swarm of hungry moths, yet Chain was obviously blaming herself and her actions.

Knowledge of the Beast was only afforded to Finch from secondhand accounts so she could not say anything in particular to relieve the upset Chain. From what she did know, the Beast being the name that Chain gave to Foreigner infection that made her a Sa·B·er, there wasn’t likely anything she could say. As it was, Finch was only a girl of ten springs, though perhaps more mature than Chain in that moment, and said something regardless of whether or not it was appropriate.

“Well you’re a Sa·B·er, so I guess you could look at it like training to better control your infection. I’ve heard that Sa·B·ers can still become monsters if they’re not careful, even after receiving Lady Cardinal’s Light. Wha–

Chain’s eyes were completely watering over now, and Finch nearly fell backwards as she backed away from Chain. Chain didn’t seem to notice and simply kept pressing up into Finch’s face until the younger girl was backed up against a wall. With nowhere to run, Finch had to deal with Chain’s bawling.

“That’s just the thing, I can only keep the Beast from eating me or anything else while I’m awake! Once I’m asleep, I can only keep it from eating me!”

“Well… um… maybe if you ate bigger meals… It is a part of you, right?”

“That still wouldn’t work! If I tried to eat for me and the Beast, no one here would be able to eat and being able to sleep in a bed again wouldn’t be the worst of my problems!”

“The Beast does have a horrible appetite that will make our life difficult.”

As Chain burst into tears and incoherent bawling, Drop, who swam in the air beside Chain, answered matter-of-factly. Despite her directness, Drop could not hide her disappointment either. Desperate to get out of the way of Chain’s tears and to stop regretting waking Chain and Drop, Finch hinted at a solution to Chain’s dilemma.

“Well, if getting better at controlling your infection will take too long, I might have another suggestion…”

“Really What What

Presenting Chain with a possibility to continue enjoying the comforts of a bed was perhaps not the best idea. Finch felt like she was being pressured even more as both Chain and Drop leaned into her personal space with pleading eyes. She had stopped Chain’s bawling for an instant at least, though she could only hope that her idea would give her back her personal space.

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