Finishing up and moving forward

Good morning everyone.

     Please allow me to begin by just saying thank you to everyone who has taken part in Link, Elliot, and Melody's journey from a group of dreaming kids to being at the heart of a world changing event. That event (readable here) also marks the end of the story "Those Who Watch the Sky" and sets up the unknowable future.

     Going into the future from here I'll slowly be making changes to the blog, both in how I approach my storytelling and the presentation of the blog itself. As time is always a problem don't expect any major changes to be noticeable immediately, especially compared to the storytelling aspects of the blog. In the case of the storytelling I intend to lean into less meaty and dark affairs, as has been more of the norm up to this point, and will be aiming to simply have fun writing the characters going off on adventures. Those stories will also be significantly shorter, both to help me compress more story into less updates, and also to keep myself from getting lost in longer plots. That isn't to say that I won't have longer stories or even interconnected or overarching plots, it's just that my focus will be more so on focusing on smaller stories that are more manageable while challenging myself to squeeze as much into them as possible. It'll be a different experience for me and all of you, but I hope we'll find a fun adventure together moving forward.

     Again, thank you everyone for your support and joining me on the journey so far. I hope you'll continue this adventure with me and will find enjoyment in the adventures that Link, Elliot, and Melody find themselves in. Thank you again and I hope you enjoy(ed) the end of "Those Who Watch the Sky". I look forward to seeing the future with all of you.

     Stay well everyone (^_^)
Joshua D Tarwater


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