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56 – Children thrust Into the Sky 14

“You are an interesting lot. Both skillful and ignorant. I never would have believed that so complex a spell could be sustained once I started removing wizards from the ritual. I must say you have impressed me.”

Balgun stroked his mustache as he looked down at the red robed spell caster seated in shock on the ground before him. The wizard had thought their post atop a nearby spire of rock separate from the cliffs it was once a part of was the perfect vantage point to focus on their spell.  They could never have suspected that a sorcerer with a mobile fortress would have parked against it and skipped to the top. Balgun did however and the solitary figure was no match for him. Now sprawled on their haunches they faced a questionable future.

“Still, I suppose I can’t afford to let you go. If I leave even one of you alive who knows the ritual used to bring a Foreigner city to ground, then I can be sure Melrin will try again and again to lure out Mote. I hope you’ll forgive me, but it is what it is.”

Reaching out a massive hand Bulgun cupped the wizards head in hand and crushed their skull with no effort to speak of. Releasing the dead wizard, he clasped his hands behind his back and turned to look out at the distant crater. It was hard to tell how much affect the death of the wizard had on the ritual through the clouds of dust that swirled in the crater from the battle that was finally dying down, but it still seemed negligible.

“Perhaps this is a new spell that they’ve taught themselves. With all of the raw nectar in the air from the battle they could very well make up for their lack of spell casters to sustain the ritual. I suppose I should have gone after their primary Gate first then. A lesson well learned on my part. Hmm?”

As Balgun eyed the crater he noted that it was not just the battle that was dying down but that the crimson hued colossus had vanished while he watched. His brow wrinkled with concern and he gave out a long sigh.

“It seems I have little choice but to hurry. It is unlikely that Elliot would have called back his companion for any foe save for Melrin, the Poltergeist, or its guardian. They will need a way out soon and I hope Bird is not long behind me.”

Turning his back on the crater, Balgun proceeded to skip effortlessly down the spire of rock to where he had left his mobile fortress. He had a sinking feeling about the proceedings within the Foreigner city and moved with haste to do his part.

“You know Link, I can’t help but feel like we’ve been really lucky so far ~

“Really? I was feeling the exact opposite.”


As Link and Melody ran down the overgrown halls of the central column of the Foreigner city, led by Link’s mermaid double who swam through the air ahead of them, the two debated the fortune they had had so far. Where Melody had found good luck Link was unhappy and began complaining to the confused harpy.

“I mean think about it, Melody. There hasn’t been a single trap, monster, failing structure, or defense mechanism we’ve had to deal with. We’re in such a hurry we’re not exploring anything and now the city is starting to shake so we’re running out of time before Balgun gets it in the sky again. I could explore this place for what feels like forever and all I can do is follow after everyone else. That’s not fair!”

“Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha… I really can’t believe you Link ~ I was just thinking how lucky we are that we haven’t had any difficulties, yet you’re complaining about the lack of difficulties… ~

“Melody, adventures are supposed to be exciting and we haven’t had any excitement at all since leaving Balgun’s. The voice I keep hearing could be exciting, but that’s something that should stay boring, I think.”

“No, that is something we should be grateful for staying boring ~♪ Though, there is something happening that might prove exciting ~

“Really What is it What is it

“Li~nk! Is this really the time

“Actually Melody, it’s probably best not to ignore this ~♪ It’s probably too late even ~♪ Bu~t, if you look behind us–”

As Link’s mermaid double talked, Link and Melody could not ignore the terrible sounds of destruction rapidly bearing down on them from behind. Looking back as prompted they were in time to see the majority of the passageways they had been traversing suddenly ripped away in massive sized chunks following the same path they were on. Not able to stop running Link and Melody exchanged terrified expressions as the former’s mermaid double finished her statement.

“–you’ll see that the colossus from outside is coming through ~

“Why didn’t you say something sooner ~

“Who cares Melody We just need to outrun it!”

“How are we supposed to do that– LI~NK‼”

That Link and Melody had as much time as they did to react to the encroaching colossus was impressive on its own, but time ran out before Melody could finish asking her question. All around them the mechanized halls of the Foreigner city were torn away with a violent force as the arm of the crimson hued colossus plowed through their surroundings. Melody was better equipped to deal with the sudden loss of their environment as her wings popped open and caught the wind shaped by the wordless song falling from her lips. Link was less fortunate, but her shattered mind allowed her to act with complete freedom laughing all the while.

Her cape disappearing like a blown-out flame, Link grabbed her sword as her cape took its scabbard with it. Skipping from flying chunk of debris to flying chunk of debris Link was afforded an impressive view of the colossus as it prepared to bring its arm back through the path it cleared. Unlike when she had last seen it, it was no longer a loose figure but rather something chiseled like a suit of armor out of a twig. Even as close as she was it was impossible to tell that the red metallic sheen of its surface was in truth blood, and Link could not help but be impressed.

“W~o~w‼ Just how massive is Elliot’s gate to feed something like this the nectar it needs to keep functioning? It must be exhausting.”

“Perhaps this is not the best time for us to be marveling ~♪ Impressive as Elliot’s Ambrosial Gate must be to support this, this one detects Nectar from other sources as well ~♪ This one fears that it won’t hold together much longer, which is a shame since it seems to be the most solid part of our environment ~♪”

“Eh– Really? Do you think the Beast could bolster it and let it carry us all the way to Elliot?”

“It is a possibility ~♪ Keeping up with it might be difficult though ~♪”

“Eh, heh, heh, heh! That’s perfect! I was looking to have some fun!”

“Li~nk! What part of this thing tearing up the Foreigner city around us is fun At this rate we’re going to be crushed!”

“Just watch Melody!”

Looking away from the path she was planning, Link waved at Melody as the harpy tried to find her way through the debris.

“Watch what You’ve been locked up for almost a whole season! Where are you even drawing this strength from

“My chainmail of course!”

Smiling broadly as she stopped waving at Melody, Link returned her attention to more enthusiastically taking advantage of the debris cloud she skipped, flipped, and twirled through. She knew she would not likely get more than one chance to catch up with the colossus and as Melody was too busy keeping herself flying through the debris cloud, she would have to be perfect. It was absolutely thrilling, and her eyes shimmered with anticipation for the colossus’ next strike against the Foreigner city.

Moving as quickly as she could in the impossible situation, Link hurried in the direction of the colossus’ left arm as it reared it back. With tremendous force it brought its left arm around in front of it tearing away the interior of the central column of the Foreigner city and clearing the path for its next step. Its whole body lurching away from Link it seemed unlikely she could catch back up with it, yet Link kept on smiling. The hard part wasn’t there quite yet and she carefully eyed every piece of debris lingering in the air. Time seemed to slow down for her as her anticipation mounted before finally, she saw the colossus pull back it’s right arm.

“Eh, heh, heh, heh! Here goes!”

First the colossus’ left arm tore back through the interior structure of the central column of the Foreigner city, and then as it stepped forward with its right foot its right arm followed through providing an even more devastating blow then the recoil of the prior. Link was less concerned with the righthanded attack and instead knew she had to be ready as the return of the left hand transitioned into the windup for the next lefthanded attack. Knowing her moment had arrived she leapt from the last large chunk of debris that could serve for temporary footing at the end of her carefully chosen path. Thrusting her sword straight down into the flesh of the colossus she attempted to slow her descent but discovered that the colossus was not as solid as she had hoped.



Melody shouted out as Link stumbled and crashed along the colossus’ arm but could do nothing in the crimson construct’s wake to help. Fortunately for her she did not have to as she soon saw Link up and running again accompanied by a familiar blue light.

“It’s dangerous to forget that blood is not solid ~♪ We should be grateful for how much nectar maintains it or we could not have used this one of us’ power to stand on it at all ~♪”

“Eh, heh, heh, heh. That’s true, but running is more important right now!”

Not lingering to argue with her mermaid self, Link focused on sprinting along the arm of the colossus before it launched its next attack. She hadn’t even considered how short a distance it was to how fast she was moving and had to stab her sword again into the colossus just to make sure she followed its arm instead of running off of it. Even compensating for that she could not hide her look of confusion as she reached the colossus’ neck before running right into it. Then the colossus unleashed its next lefthanded attack.

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