Greetings everyone.

First and foremost thank you for continuing to follow and support Link, Elliot, and Melody on their adventures. I appreciate your continued support and would like to apologize for both the change in posting schedule and for missing an update this week (week of May 20th - May 26th). If everyone would allow it, please allow me to explain what happened.

Last week while at my day job I was approached by my supervisor about my interest in a full-time position. Now in the past I've had to turn down full-time before but this time I was able to express interest in the position. When I did so my supervisor said they would speak with management this week past about getting me promoted to full-time and I expected to hear something a few weeks from now. To my surprise Tuesday night when I arrived for my shift I was informed that the promotion had gone through and that I could start working 40 hour work weeks immediately. That meant I was able to start immediately that night which I chose to do. Unfortunately by the end of my shift I had only slept for two hours within the last twenty-four and by the time I got home working on the blog was not an option. As a result I did not produce any content for the blog and my sleep schedule had to be changed to account for the change in work hours. This second change is why the updates have shifted to 8am PST and fore the foreseeable future I would like to try and maintain that schedule. Should things change again I will try to provide greater insight to what any future changes to the blog's posting schedule.

Now, again I would like to apologize and to make up for my negligence of the blog and you the readers I have written update 30 and it will go live today at 8am PST. I hope everyone will enjoy and continue to follow and support Link, Elliot, and Melody. Thank you again everyone and stay well (^_^)


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