Welcome to Sa·B·ers!

Hi everyone,

     Josh here welcoming you to my latest story blog. To those of you still following my works sorry if it seems like I've abandoned my prior works again and again but I hope you'll enjoy this latest work of mine. To everyone new to me and my works I'm hoping you'll enjoy my story and characters.

     I'm as apprehensive and self doubting as ever but I've really been putting a lot more effort in than normal so I'm wanting to really get this story going and see where it takes us so I hope you will all support me and keep me motivated as much as Link and her companions. I'll still be writing by the seat of my pant's however, though I've been organizing and planning things to make note keeping easier which will hopefully result in a smoother and more consistent story flow. I'm also aiming more to write stories that are more along the lines of bite sized chunks to keep the narrative manageable and enjoyable. It's kind of a new direction for me though so I look forward to everyone's feedback.

     I look forward to enjoying this new story together with everyone and will give it my best. For now I better get back to it so I'll catch up with everyone later.

     Stay well everyone (^_^),
Joshua D Tarwater


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